Is There Finally a Cure For Breast Cancer?

The medical community was astounded by the recent news that an Indian teenager found a breast cancer cure. Krtin Nithiyandam, who lives in Epsom Surrey, claims that he has found a way to treat triple-negative breast cancer, a specific form of the disease that does not respond to most treatment methods.

Typical breast cancer treatments revolve around hormone therapy, as the condition is often caused by fluctuations of estrogen, progesterone, or certain growth chemicals. Treatment plans involve patients taking drugs that block excessive production of these hormones. These drugs are normally quite effective. However, triple-negative breast cancer – which affects around 7,500 women each year – is a special case. Doctors speculate that several factors cause the condition, thus, changing treatment. Those who are diagnosed with this illness usually have a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy; and even then, complete eradication of the disease is not certain.

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Nithiyandam, who won the Google Science Fair in 2015 for developing a test that spots Alzheimer’s 10 years before it surfaces, says that he has found a way to change triple negative breast cancer cells so that they respond positively to treatment. The cells, which medical professionals call undifferentiated, do not have receptors which traditional cancer drugs latch on to. Nithiyandam says that blocking a specific protein in the cell could potentially build receptors.

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Nithiyandam’s findings are currently being reviewed and tested by different medical groups. If proven, it could significantly improve the prognosis of the thousands of women battling breast cancer.

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Your First Mexican Adventure: An Itinerary

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Mexico is a popular destination among travelers aching for its ancient ruins, beaches, and beautiful coastline. Here are a few things a traveler should not miss when visiting Mexico.

Teotihuacan is known as Mexico’s biggest city before the Spanish colonized the country. The site is a complex of pyramids and ruins of the Aztec civilization.

Chapultepec Forest
Now a main park in Mexico City, Chapultepec was once a home for the Aztecs. It is Mexico’s largest and most famous park, with a zoo, large lakes, and a museum.

Acapulco was Hollywood’s most favored getaway in the 1950s. It is a popular destination for locals and foreigners, with its white sands and deep blue waters.

Palenque used to be a living site for the Mayans. It may be smaller than its neighboring Mayan cities, but Palenque is filled with beautiful architectural and archeological discoveries. It is also host to the Temple of Inscriptions, or the only pyramid built as a monument for the dead.

Copper Canyon
This network of canyons is several times larger than America’s Grand Canyon. Visitors may pass the canyon via the “Chihuahua al Pacifico” Railway. This track will expose visitors to 37 bridges and 86 tunnels.

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Chichen Itza
This is the largest of all Mayan cities in the Yucatan peninsula. It houses El Castillo, a 91-step pyramid-temple that holds an astronomical significance for the Mayans.

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