Unclutter Your Mind in the Kitchen: Cooking as Meditation

Anything that boosts creativity is an excellent way to de-stress, and cooking can be one of those activities. For some people, being in the kitchen helps them resolve major issues. In the midst of frustration, most people tend to dwell and end up not finding a solution. However, solutions are usually found when there is detachment. Cooking lets people detach themselves from their problems even for a little while and helps them focus on the sole activity of making good food. When inside the kitchen, the only goal is to cook. But in the process, life begins to brighten up, and the cook realizes bits of insight.

Image source: Lambschram.blogspot.com

The eureka moment people experience inside the kitchen is perhaps due to the sensory release one experiences while cooking. When the body’s senses are stimulated, it becomes more dynamic and focused. This could be similar to taking a walk to blow off steam. Once the ingredients are in the stove, the flavors are released.

Thinking of others while in the kitchen could also be helpful. Once the attention is removed from the frustration and directed to happy thoughts, details of the bigger picture materialize. The same is true with cooking. What started as a few raw ingredients begin to look like a whole meal that could feed many. All the efforts from chopping, broiling, baking, and steaming could benefit more than one person. Doing something for others makes one feel good.

Image source: Culinaryarttherapy.org

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