Living and Giving: Values of Personal Philanthropy

People with a desire to share what they have for an important cause must balance their charitable intent to their ability to maintain financial stability. Philanthropy is not all about giving huge sums of money to charities in one go, but it also requires planning that comes out of a desire to help make the world a better place. Here are questions philanthropists must ask themselves before beginning giving to charity.


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How much? It’s not true that philanthropy is about giving more than one can afford. Sacrificing too much for a cause can threaten one’s financial and overall stability. It is better to give small, consistent numbers than going for one-time big amounts.

How? There are many ways to practice philanthropy other than financial provisions. People can donate their old books, clothes, and even their hair for various causes. Individuals can also volunteer for these groups. Other organizations prefer these kinds of donations over cash.

Who? Before deciding to give to a cause, individuals must have a clear background on what the organization is about. The donor must uphold similar values with their chosen organization. Donors should also learn about the projects that will benefit with their donations.


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Sandra Balan is a traveler, architecture fanatic, and a philanthropist. Read more about her interests when you follow this Google+ page.


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